BerlinskiBeat: This is Wim, Castus, Norri, Vit, Steve, Pan, and Hatz.

Together they deliver extremely danceable BerlinskiBeat sound.


A Polish bagpipe player, a German tuba player, a Czech trumpet player, a singer from the bloodline of a genuine gypsy king, East and West Berlin drummers and percussionists – an explosive mix of street music, club sounds and Berlin snout tells sotries about the smell of the city, wild nights, the ladies of Berlin, retired belly dancers and makes you “move ya ass”.



The debut album “Gassenhauer” produced by Moses Schneider (e.g. Beatsteaks, Tocotronic), was released August 3rd, 2012, immediately after BerlinskiBeat went on tour with Panteón Rococó in Germany and celebrated German-Mexican friendship.



In December 2015 – 18th December – Berlinski Beat released an EP called “Die Stadt ist heiß”. Especially in DJ scenes and for clubbing this record was successful.



New album: “Fräulein könn’ Sie linksrum tanzen” (Release: 26th August 2016)

On the one hand they change well-known classics of Berlin, called ‘Gassenhauer’, in modern Partysongs, on the other hand you will find actual subjects in spirit of artists and philosophers of the Old Berlin with an impressive charme in music. Like this BerlinskiBeat is bridging the gap of Berlin Dance-music in past and present: decadénce and nowadays at one stroke.